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Why choose Gastronterology Consultants of Long Island?

Our practice offers high quality consultative and procedural services which set us apart from other practices.  Our doctors are available for you 24 /7.  They are available by phone on weekends, nights and holidays.  You will not get a physician assistant or covering doctor.  We truly offer VIP services to all of our Patients. Our procedures are performed in an accredited office setting.  We have safety equipment similar to a surgery center or hospital.  An anesthesiologist will monitor you during the procedure, not a nurse or certified nurse anesthetist.  Many insurances offer lower out of pocket costs to patients than for hospital or ASC procedures.


Quality Care

Office consultation is offered daily. We offer late hours to accommodate patients with difficult work schedules. We offer comprehensive treatment plans for problems ranging from basic reflux and colon cancer screening to advanced treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies, liver and pancreatic disorders. Our physicians specialize in diseases such as celiac, inflammatory bowel disease (crohns and colitis), pancreatic, stomach and colon cancers.


Viewing and treating the Upper GI tract

Basic endoscopy is performed in our AAAASF certified in-office endoscopy suite. Patients are sedated and monitored. The procedure is recommended for disorders such as reflux, abdominal pain and difficulty swallowing.


Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death in the United States!

Colonoscopies are performed in our in office endoscopy suite. Patients are sedated and comfortable during the exam. We are equipped with high definition scopes to help visualize colon polyps and other pathology. We have special washing equipment to help with sub-optimal preparations.


Deep/ Conscious Sedation

Our Anesthesia team is dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and safe during your endoscopic procedure. If your procedure is covered by our practice, the  anesthesia services will be covered as well.


Quality Pathology

We ensure that your pathology slides are read by a quality pathologist who specializes in gastrointestinal diseases. For some insurance carries, specific labs are required. In these cases we make sure your pathology goes to a covered lab.


Imaging the Small Bowel

We utilize MiroCam and CapsoVision systems, both  state of the art small bowel imaging systems. iPhone applications can be used to view the small bowel in real time if your doctor feels it is needed!


Problems Swallowing?

Dilation can be helpful for certain patients will difficulty swallowing.  Stretching the esophagus can sometimes be of benefit and relieve symptoms.


Do I really have reflux?

It is sometimes difficult to determine if a patient truly has reflux. Specifically, failure to respond to a standard medical regimen or atypical symptoms such as chest pain , cough , asthma or throat clearing can be challenging.  Many times ambulatory PH monitoring can be used when patients come for second opinion  We have special equipment to monitor acid on an ambulatory basis.



Hemorrhoids can be a major issue which effects patients lives.  Typically, conservative therapy such as fiber  supplements can be helpful. When this does not work, however, IRC is a good "next step" before invasive treatments such as surgery and banding. 

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